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About Us

This group was founded by seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical, nutrition, and related industries. They recognized that buyers in this sector look for more than just cost-effective solutions and dependable services. What truly matters is staying informed about the latest breakthroughs and trends in the industry.

Our founders, with their wealth of global experience, are deeply committed to this mission. They gather information meticulously, much like bees collecting nectar, to fulfill our clients' needs. In a rapidly evolving and competitive market, staying updated is crucial, and our team is dedicated to maintaining close relationships with all our clients and industry sources.

In summary, our focus is on delivering top-quality products, competitive pricing, and efficient service. We achieve this through continuous and active engagement with our clients and a deep commitment to meeting their needs.

VIONA BIOPHARMA is a single stop source of best in class quality, reasonable pricing and unrivaled service.


Speed, Integrity, and a steadfast commitment to excellence define us at Viona Biopharma. Our unique selling point is the diverse and exclusive range of products we offer, which are among the most distinctive in our sector. Our global network allows us to source products ideally suited for a variety of needs and applications. Located in the Baddi industrial area of Himachal Pradesh, India, we boast a secure warehousing facility. Our reach, however, extends far beyond, as we supply our products to a wide range of destinations.

Market Segments:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nutraceuticals